How to choose the correct plant DNA extraction kit for your sample?

Why can’t you get high yield and good quality of plant DNA? Did you choose the correct plant DNA extraction kit? How do you choose the right plant extraction kit with plant tissue that has cell walls, polysaccharides, and polyphenols? Find out the answers in our technical articles!!

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CRISPR/Cas System Video

Genome editing has been used to apply genetic modified plants, animals, and microbes for genetic research. Among all the genome editing techniques, CRISPR/Cas system has been the best tool to apply genome editing experiments for the past few years.

So what is CRISPR? What is Cas9 protein? How does CRISPR system work?

BIOTOOLS Co., Ltd provides this short video about the basics of the new technology, as well as what products and services we provide for genome editing experiments.

For products, BIOTOOLS Co., Ltd. provides wtCas9, eSpCas9 (1.1) and AsCpf1. We also synthesize customized designed sgRNA and crRNA.
For services, BIOTOOLS provides custom gene knock-out and knock-in service for cell line, mice and zebrafish.