Third-generation sequencing (PacBio)

Since the advent of the next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, high-throughput sequencing has brought revolutionary changes to life science-related research fields. There have been earth-shaking changes in the research of genome, gene expression and microbiome. However, the NGS based on short reads still has technically insurmountable difficulties in the face of highly repetitive sequences or large-scale genetic structural variations.

Base on much longer reads than NGS, the third-generation sequencing can easily cross the technological barriers that cannot be overcome by next-generation sequencing, in terms of genome assembly, large-scale structural variation, and metagenome sequencing, RNA alternative splicing and other applications.

Since Biotools stepped into the next-generation sequencing service in 2015, it is our unchanging original intention to provide researcher with professional and trustworthy biotechnology services. To respond to research trends and market needs, Biotools teamed up with PacBio and invested huge resources to introduce the highest throughput long-read sequencing instrument, Sequel IIe, which is the first in Taiwan and the first in North Asia. With PacBio sequencing systems, We can provides research scholars with the most comprehensive services from basic scientific research to clinical testing.


Courtesy of PacBio of California, Inc.