TOOLS Quick Plasmid Maxi Kit

The TOOLS Quick Plasmid Maxi kit is based on the alkaline lysis principle and utilizes the finalizer to prevent the loss of precious samples. It is recommended to use 100 mL of bacterial cells for high-copy vectors, yielding 800~1,000 μg of plasmid DNA. The entire process, from bacterial cells to obtaining pure plasmid DNA, takes less than 1 hour. Specifically, plasmid DNA adheres to the finalizer in the presence of a high salt concentration, while an endotoxin removal formulation is employed to effectively eliminate endotoxins and protein impurities. This product is suitable for a wide range of routine applications, including restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing, library screening, ligation, transformation, as well as in vitro translation and the transfection of robust cells.
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  • High Yield: Purifies 800~1000 μg of Plasmid DNA from 100 mL of bacterial culture
  • High Purity: No residual Genomic DNA or RNA
  • Ultra-Fast: Utilizes a syringe-based system to accelerate the purification process, with a total operation time of less than 40 minutes
  • Low Endotoxin Residue: Formulated to reduce endotoxin residues

Figure 1. The TOOLS Quick Plasmid Maxi Kit (ST-BA01) can extract approximately 1 mg of plasmid DNA with a gene length of 5428 bp using 100 mL of bacterial culture.

Figure 2. 3 μg of plasmid pcDNA3.1 after maxi extraction were visualized by running gel electrophoresis (100V, 1% TAE agarose gel prepared with TOOLS DNA View (TT-DNA01, BIOTOOLS)) in 1X TAE buffer (TOOLS 50X TAE buffer (TT-50TA, BIOTOOLS)) for 25 minutes. Lane M: TOOLS 1kb DNA Ladder. Lane 1, and 2: Repeats of extracted plasmids.