TOOLS Mycoplasma Detection Kit

TOOLS Mycoplasma Detection Kit allows for quick and reliable screening of cell cultures for mycoplasma contamination. Highly undesirable, easily acquired and notorious for an elusive onset of infection, mycoplasmas tend to alter the infected cells at a molecular level, ultimately leading to visible changes in cell morphology and growth characteristics. Timely detection of mycoplasmas in cell cultures is desirable in order to deter wide-spread contamination and save on the costly efforts of elimination. Designed to perform with high specificity and sensitivity, this Kit helps minimize false positives while ensuring coverage over 200 species/strains of mycoplasmas with a quick protocol for routine screening.


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Features and Benefits

  • One step to obtain PCR result by Premix PCR buffer

  • Can detect over 200 species/strains of mycoplasmas

  • Provide positive control to determine negative result.

Mycoplasma Detection Kit Test
Q1. What is the LOD of the TOOLS Mycoplasma Detection Kit?
A: Mycoplasma Detection Kit is capable of detecting as low as 10 genome copies of mycoplasma.
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