Minicircle DNA

Minicircle DNA (McDNA) is a small circular non-viral DNA vector that only contains the target gene sequence (GOI) and promoter , without common bacterial skeletons, Ex: antibiotic selection markers, bacterial origin of replication (Ori).
McDNA is small in size and simple in composition. It has better transfection efficiency and higher protein expression when it is sent into cells. In addition, McDNA does not contain sequences from bacteria and will not cause severe immune reactions in cells. It is suitable for in vivo and in vitro experiment
The McDNA service consists of two parts:
  • Gene synthesis
The customer provides the sequence, including promoter, target gene, and reporter (optional), and synthesizes the gene into the parental plasma
  • McDNA amplification and production
Transfection of parental plasma into Escherichia coli (ZYCY10P3S2T E. coli) inducible by arabinose. Induce ΦC31 integrase with arabinose, recognize the specific sequences on the vector attB and attP for recombinant cutting, and then purify to obtain McDNA.

  1. The output demand is flexible, and the concentration can be adjusted by customization (*pre-sale evaluation is required)
  2. With endotoxin data, meeting the experimental requirements of transfection
  3. The purity of MC-DNA finished products delivered is>95%
  1. Provide the full-length sequence of the target of interest (including promoter), ex: Promoter-GOI-reporter gene
  2. Product specification
Quantity Delivery time
100 ug 15-20 working day
200 ug 15-20 working day
500 ug 20-25 working day
1 mg 20-25 working day
2 mg 25-30 working day

  1. There is a purification test step with small-amount manufacturing. If the possibility of failure is discovered in this step, the case will be terminated, but still need to charge for gene synthesis, and deliver 2~5ug plasmid
  2. Sequences with complex sequences and toxic (protein products) are extremely risky, and it is not recommended to undertake.
  3. Synthesis length limit: length 500bp~5000bp
  1. Product COA
  2. Sequence Report (Sequence File)