Gene synthesis

Biotools provides customized gene synthesis service. We synthesize the DNA sequence chemically according to the customer's request. Customers do not need to spend a lot of time doing PCR cloning, can get the DNA sequence in the shortest time and 100% sequence accuracy.

● Can synthesize DNA sequence that is difficult to clone, including repeated sequence, GC rich sequence, hairpin structure, same nucleotide repeated sequence..etc.
● We guarantee 100% sequence accuracy and time-saving
● Free codon optimization service
● We can help you clone into pUC vector series or any other vectors that we provide (see the list below)

Gene synthesis is to synthesize DNA sequence chemically, which is different from DNA or RNA polymerase, which is limited to 5' to 3' polymerization. The traditional method includes molecular cloning and PCR reaction, along with your DNA template to synthesize your target DNA. Gene synthesis does not need any of those components and synthesizes target DNA from nothing. 

Biotools also provides codon optimization service for gene synthesis. Expressing recombinant protein from a foreign host is a very common technique, but the expression of the protein might be affected by the foreign host due to the optimized codon for expressing the same amino acid might be different. This favor of different codon of the same amino acid between different species is due to the amount of different tRNA between different species, so selecting the more tRNA for the codon can improve the expression of the recombinant protein. Codon optimization is to use the codon that the foreign usually uses, and change the sequence of the target DNA in order to have better protein expression.

All you need to do is to provide the sequence of the target DNA, protein, or any information on NCBI that you wish to synthesize, and we will design the target DNA sequence according to your request and deliver the product to you in the shortest time.

Working day not including delivery time:

The workday is dependent on the gene length and the structural complexity. 

  Gene length Working day
Short gene synthesis ≤249bp 5-8 workdays
Gene synthesis 250bp-500bp 6-10 workdays
Gene synthesis 501bp-1500 bp 8-13 workdays
Gene synthesis 1501bp-3000bp 13-17 workdays
Gene synthesis 3001bp-4000bp 15-20 workdays
Gene synthesis 4kbp-5kbp 20-25 workdays

1. Please provide the correct DNA sequence.

2. Choose the restriction enzymes for 5' and 3' sites.

3. To confirm whether you would like to do the codon optimization service.

4. Choose your vector.

1. Sequencing report

2. >5ug DNA (a plasmid with your insert gene)
    Product will be provided as a dried form, please storage at -20℃.

3. Data sheet

We offer many different kinds of vectors: the basic vector, Mammalian expression vector, E coli expression vector,Yeast expression vector, Baculovirus/Insect expression vector,Plant expression vector.....etc. 

Cloning vector

Mammalian expression vector

pUC18 pcDNA3.0
pUC19 pcDNA3.1(+)
pUC57 pcDNA3.1(-)
pUC57-Kan pcDNA3.1(-)_myc-His A
pUC57-Simple pcDNA3.1(-)_myc-His C
pUC57-Simple-NdeI-Free pcDNA3.1(+)_myc-His A
pUC57-bsaI-free pcDNA3.1(+)_myc-His B
PUC57-BsmbI&BsaI-free pcDNA3.1(+)_myc-His C
pBlueScript II SK(+)  pcDNA3.1/Hygro(-)
  pcDNA3.1/Zeo (+)
  pcDNA3.1/Zeo (-)


E coli expression vector

pET-3a pET-26b(+) pGEX-6P-1
pET-3d pET-27b(+) pGEX-6P-3
pET-9a pET-28a(+) pMAL-C4X
pET-11a pET-28b(+) pMAL-C5X
pET-11b pET-29a(+) pMAL-C5E
pET-11d pET-29b(+) pMAL-p5E
pET-15b PET-30a(+) pMAl-p5X
pET-16b PET-30b(+) pACYDUET-1
pET-17b PET-31b(+) pCDFDuet-1 
pET-19b pET-32a(+) pCOLADUET-1
pET-20b(+) pET-32b(+) pETDuet-1
pET-21a(+) pET-41a(+) pRSFDuet-1
pET-21b(+) pET-41b(+) pQE-30
pET-21d(+) pET-42b(+) pQE-60
pET-22b(+) pET-43.1a(+) pColdI
pET-23a(+) pET-45b(+) pColdII
pET-24a(+) pET-51b(+) pBAD/His A
pET-24b(+) pET-52b(+)  
pET-24c(+) pGEX-4T-1  
pET-24d(+) pGEX-4T-2  
pET-25b(+) pGEX-5X-1  

Yeast expression vector


Plant expression vector

Gateway   vector

pPIC3.5k pFastBac1 pCAMBIA1301 pDONR207
pPIC9 pFastBac-Dual pCAMBIA1302 pDONR221
pPIC9K pFastBacHT A pCAMBIA2300 pDONR223
pPICZA pFastBacHT B