Probe Synthesis Service

Tools provide a complete PCR probe synthesis service. We provide more than 200 probe modification for you to choose, including phosphorylation, single or double fluorescent modifications...etc
1. Fast delivery time (2-3 weeks)
2. High quality
3. The order guideline is simple. We will design the probe sequence for you
4. Over 200 modifications for you to choose
Real-time PCR is a very common tool to detect gene expression. This technique uses PCR to amplify the target gene and gain gene expression information in a very short time. This method has a disadvantage which is the specificity of the primer sometimes is not very good and causes false results.
In order to solve this problem, scientists have developed a series of probes, including Taqman, Molecular Beacons...etc. Using the BHQ method, scientists can solve the low specificity problem with the primer. When the target gene is amplified via PCR, the probe will be released due to 5-3 exonuclease activity of DNA polymerase. The probe will then release a fluorescent signal which will be detected by the qPCR machine. The gene expression will be quantified according to the strength of the fluorescent signal
Tools have developed a high-quality probe synthesis service, with over more than 200 different modifications for the customer to choose, including phosphorylation, single or double fluorescent modifications...etc.

Fluorescent probe-double modification list: