LFN-Quenched Probe

TOOLS offers a double Quencher probe synthesis service using the exclusive LFN Quencher, double-labeled between the ninth and tenth base at the 5' end and the 3' end site, which greatly enhances the performance of the probe in real-time PCR reactions and reduces background interference and enhances signal detection. Double Quencher probe synthesis services are available with specific fluorescence and provide customers with fully customized options.

Service Features:
1. Fast delivery time
2. High purity
3. Provide Double-quenched special modifications
4. Cheap price
When designing a probe, it is inevitable to encounter more AT and CG fragments in the target gene, resulting in a long probe length, which affects the effect of quencher in suppressing the fluorescent signal, and finally the accuracy of the experimental results is affected by the high background value.

Tools SuperLab can provide an exclusive LFN-Quenched Probe to double-label the LFN quencher between the ninth and tenth base at the 5' end and the 3' end site, and improve the accuracy of the experiment.

Advantages of LFN-Quenched Probe: 

1. Effectively suppress the fluorescence signal at the 5' end and reduce the background value
2. Reduce Cq value and improve the sensitivity and accuracy of qPCR experiments
3. Suitable for longer probes
4. better performance than conventional probes

LFN-Quenched Probe Dye(s)


LFN-quenched probes compare to different probes during qPCR performance. mCherry as a template DNA was analyzed over 7 sequential 10-fold dilution aliquots. Normalized fluorescence values were plotted with or without subtracting background fluorescence. (A) A LFN double-quenched FAM/LFN/LFN probe was compared to single probe FAM/BHQ by using TOOLS Easy 2xProbe qPCR Mix (TTC-QE13). (B) LFN double-quenched probe was compared to competitive double-quenched probe by using TaqMan™ Gene Expression Master Mix (4370048). The standard curves of all groups R2 value equaled to 0.999.


  • Please provide the correct sequence
  • Select modification and purification method
  • Please confirm the quantity of your order
  • Provide the synthetic probe according to your specification
  • Synthetic report