TOOLS miRNA RT Kit adopts an innovative RT enzyme and buffer system as the perfect first step of TOOLS miRNA RT-qPCR assay. Along with TOOLS miRNA RTqPCR primer/probe set,  TOOLS miRNA RT Kit enables the RT reaction completed within only 15 mins, and provides reliable reverse transcription to a wide range (from 15 pg to 150 ng) of RNA template. 
Mature miRNAs are a group of short non-coding RNA molecules of 18-25 nucleotides in length, govern various aspects of cellular development and pathological abnormalities. A single cDNA preparation of the miRNA can be used with a TOOLS miRNA RT kit, and then TOOLS Easy 2×Probe qPCR Mix comes in to quantify the expression of mature miRNAs rapidly and accurately.
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  • Easy: Compatible with TOOLS miRNA RTqPCR primer/probe set, only common RT procedure required. 
  • Fast:  RT reaction completed only within 15 mins.
  • Accurate: Combination of an efficient reverse transcriptase and RNase inhibitor
  • Efficient: Reliable reverse transcription to a wide range (from 15 pg to 150 ng) of RNA template

Design of TOOLS miRNA RT-qPCR assay system

Amplification plots compare the TOOLS miRNA Assay system with the kit from Company A. Synthetic RNA in 10-fold dilution from 1 × 1010 to 1 × 104 copies/rxn was used as the template. Identical RT-qPCR programs were run using Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System to analyze hsa-miR-140-3p. The TOOLS kit outperformed the kit from Company A with higher detection sensitivity.

TOOLS miRNA RT-qPCR primer/probe set: Human

TOOLS miRNA RT-qPCR primer/probe set: Mouse

TOOLS miRNA RT-qPCR primer/probe set: Rat

TOOLS Easy 2xProbe qPCR Mix


This optimized ready-to-load mix contains dNTP/dUTP mix, Mg2+, modified hot-start DNA polymerase, dUTP/UDG anticontamination system, specific ROX Reference Dye, and all components necessary to be directly used for a robust and low-template qPCR with high sensitivity, specificity, and reliability. The dUTP/UDG anticontamination system included into the mix eliminates the product contamination of qPCR reactions.  TOOLS Easy 2×Probe qPCR Mix also contains ROX Reference Dye suitable for all qPCR instruments, and no adjustments are required for the dye concentration in different instruments.
  • Easy: All-in-one optimized master mix
  • Specific: Premixed with dUTP/UDG anticontamination system
  • High efficiency and stability
  • ROX Reference Dye for fluorescent signal normalization and compatible with all qPCR instruments.

EasyPrep miRNA Extraction Kit

EasyPrep miRNA Extraction Kit utilizes a silica-based system to enrich and purify small RNA, including miRNA, small interfering RNA (siRNA), small nuclear RNA (snRNA), and total RNA from various sample sources (cell, animal tissue, plant tissue, serum, plasma), especially for small RNA of <200 nt. The lysis buffer in the kit is optimized to exert excellent lysis ability and isolation efficiency. High-quality isolated product without contamination of DNA and protein could be obtained within 1 hour, and directly used in Northern Blot, Dot Blot, Poly A screening, in vitro translation, RNase protection analysis, and also molecular cloning.
  • Efficient: Completed within 1 hr
  • Quality: silica-based system to yield high-purity small RNA product
  • Flexible: Excellent lysis ability for various sample sources