TOOLS Easy 2xProbe qPCR Mix

TOOLS Easy 2×Probe qPCR Mix is suitable for real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays. This ready-to-load mix contains dNTP/dUTP mix, Mg2+, DNA polymerase, dUTP/UDG anticontamination system, specific ROX Reference Dye, and all components necessary to perform qPCR, except templates, primers, and probes. The polymerase in this kit is a chemically modified hot-start DNA polymerase. The kit contains optimized buffer that effectively inhibits nonspecific amplification and significantly improves the efficiency of qPCR reactions. The dUTP/UDG anticontamination system added to the mix eliminates the product contamination of qPCR reactions. 
The 2× reaction mix can be directly used for a robust and low-template qPCR with high sensitivity, specificity, and reliability. TOOLS Easy 2×Probe qPCR Mix also contains ROX Reference Dye suitable for all qPCR instruments, and no adjustments are required for the dye concentration in different instruments.
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TTC-QE13 1.25 ml (125 rxn/20 ul reaction) $62.06
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  • Easy: All-in-one optimized master mix
  • Specific: Premixed with dUTP/UDG anticontamination system
  • High efficiency and stability
  • ROX Reference Dye for fluorescent signal normalization and compatible with all qPCR instruments.
Q1. TOOLS Easy 2xProbe qPCR Mix need to be protected from light?
A: This is apre-mix with ROX dye, so please stroage the product from direct exposure of light.