How to choose TOOLS DNA extraction kit for your plant samples?


How is DNA extraction from plants different from others?

Plant tissue has cell walls, polysaccharides and polyphenols which animal tissue do not have, so extracting DNA from plant tissue are very different from animal tissue. Not only that, extracting plant DNA from different plant species and different parts of the plant needs different methods to achieve the best results. So choosing the suitable plant DNA extraction kit is very crucial in obtaining you plant DNA effectively and efficiently.


How can TOOLS assist you in plant DNA extraction?

TOOLS can provide different plant DNA extraction kit according to your plant species and sample type. We have extraction kits for general plant samples, fungi samples, samples with high polysaccharides, and a specified kit, especially for genetic-modified organism (GMO) plants. Among these kits, we provide non-column based or column-based according to your needs. We have kits with the best quality, with yield up to 30 ug, and the quality of the DNA is suitable for further applications like PCR, restriction digestion, genomic DNA library, and Southern hybridization.



 We provide plant DNA extraction kits for all kinds of plant samples and species

 Both column and non-column based extraction kits are available

 DNA yield up to 30 ug

 The purified DNA is ready for downstream application


How to choose TOOLS DNA extraction kit for your plant samples?

For general plant samples→EasyPrep Plant DNA Extraction Kit

For Fungi samples or non-column-based system→EasyPrep Plant and Fungi DNA Kit

For samples with high polysaccharides or thick cell walls→EasyPrep polyphenol plant DNA Extraction Kit

For GMO Plants→TOOLS GMO Detection Kit


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