When TOOLSmart RNA extractor meets TOOLS locking PLGEL


The synergy of  TOOLS  TOOLSmart RNA extractor and Locking PLGEL makes “RNA isolation” more efficient

RNA isolation is the most crucial step before performing reverse transcription, quantitative PCR, Northern blot, and transcriptome analysis etc. To obtain high-quality RNA, the extraction procedures include several critical steps that would affect final RNA yields and qualities, hence, must be carried out carefully. We would like to introduce TOOLS “TOOLSmart RNA Extractor” and “Locking PLGEL” that effectively maximize RNA yields and qualities.


TOOLSmart RNA extractor

There are two common RNA extraction methods: “Acid-Guanidinium-Phenol-Chloroform (AGPC) extraction” and “column-based’ extraction. Though column-based extraction method is known to have higher purity, it is typically not able to isolate short (<200bp) RNA species, such as miRNA, tRNA, and gRNA. On the other hand, AGPC method is suitable for nearly all kind of input samples and capable of isolating all RNA species with high yield and purity. AGPC method is a liquid-liquid extraction base technique, involved in three major components: guanidinium salts, phenol, and chloroform. Guanidium salts are strong protein denaturants. Chloroform acts as organic solvent that extracts phenol from aqueous phase, then phenol partitions into organic phase (bottom layer), leaves DNA/RNA in the aqueous phase (upper layer).  TOOLSmart RNA extractor is an innovative product modified from APGC extraction method with some modifications, which can further increase the RNA yields and qualities.


Locking PLGEL

AGPC extraction method usually accompanies with isopropanol precipitation to isolate RNA. The most skill-required step of AGPC extraction method is transferring the aqueous phase to a new tube since any disturbance between the aqueous phase and organic phase might result in impurity of RNA. To minimize any disturbance between the aqueous phase and organic phase, TOOLS locking PLGEL is invented to overcome this problem. Locking PLGEL is a formulated mixture, which is denser than water, but less dense than buffer saturated phenol/chloroform. After centrifugation, locking PLGEL forms a robust barrier between the aqueous phase and organic phase. The aqueous phase thus can be easily decanted or pipetted off. 




Combination of TOOLSmart RNA extractor and Locking PLGEL

[increase the recovery of RNA by 20%~30%]

Isolating RNA with the combination of TOOLSmart RNA extractor and Locking PLGEL makes your RNA extraction procedure easier and more efficient. The synergy of TOOLSmart RNA extractor and Locking PLGEL can increase the recovery of nucleic acid by 20%~30% and also fully prevent the DNA and protein contamination. After transferring aqueous phase, High quality of RNA will be yielded from isopropanol precipitation and 70% Ethanol wash step. 




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