TOOLS 5x FineTaq Master Mix

TOOLS 5x FineTaq Master Mix is ready-to-use PCR mixture for all PCR applications. It offers a convenient, reproducible PCR mix that minimizes the multiple handling steps associated with setting up a PCR. It is supplied as 5X concentrated ready-to-use mixture of Taq DNA polymerase, reaction buffer, MgCl2, dNTPs, and enzyme stabilizer. It can amplify up to 5kb specific DNA fragment from lambda DNA. The advantages of TOOLS 5x FineTaq Master Mix include high convenience, sensitivity, specificity and stability. It minimizes man-made errors during PCR operating process. TOOLS 5x FineTaq Master Mix is suitable for routine PCR reaction, amplification of complex templates and templates with secondary structure, and large-scale gene detection.
No. Size Price Qty
TP-PCR501 1ml $55.00
TP-PCR505 5ml $258.00
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  • Convenient: ready-to-use mix
  • High specificity and sensitivity of PCR
  • Amplification of long targets up to 5 kb from genomic DNA
  • Cost effectively (5X Master Mix)