2X SuperGreen PCR Master Mix

2X SuperGreen PCR Master Mix is a 2× concentrated, optimized mixture composed of Taq DNA Polymerase, the NH4+ buffer system, dNTPs and MgCl2. An inert red dye and a stabilizer are also present to allow direct loading of the final products onto an agarose gel for analysis. The advantages of 2X SuperGreen PCR Master Mix include high convenience, sensitivity, specificity and stability. It minimizes man-made errors during PCR operating process. 2X SuperGreen PCR Master Mix is suitable for routine PCR reaction, amplification of complex templates such as AT rich templates and templates with secondary structure, and large-scale gene detection. 
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  • Convenient: ready-to-use mix
  • High specificity and sensitivity of PCR
  • Suitable for complex templates such as secondary structure, and large-scale gene detection.
  • Amplification of long targets up to 6 kb from genomic DNA​

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Q1. After using 2X SuperGreen PCR Master Mix products can be used for subsequent sequencing applications?
A: Recommended to do the purification step first