TOOLSmart RNA Extractor

TOOLSmart RNA Extractor is developed based on regular nucleic acid extraction Reagent with the addition of indicator. It has better lysis ability and higher sensitivity. It could be used to isolate total RNA from samples like virus, bacteria, plant tissue and body fluid. It maintains the integrity of RNA while disrupting cells and dissolving cell components during sample homogenization. TOOLSmart RNA Extractor can be applied to isolate RNA from both small amount of samples (50-100 mg tissue or 5 × 106cells) and large amount of samples (≥1 g tissue or ≥107cells) of human, animal, plant or bacteria, within one hour. DNA and protein contamination is eliminated thoroughly from RNA products. Isolated RNA can be used in Northern Blot, Dot Blot, poly(A) selection, in vitro translation, RNase protection assay and molecular cloning.


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  • High yield, rapid purification of high-quality RNA.
  • Purify RNA within 1 hour.
  • Suitable for any sample type.
  • Low sample amount limitation.
  • Retain short RNA fragment.
  • High sensitivity, suitable for virus RNA extraction.


Work Flow


      Total RNA extraction result


     Fig 1. RNA extracted from rat liver tissue

     using 1ml of TOOLSmart RNA Extractor. 

     Sample amount: 30mg of rat liver.

     3ul of 80ul eluted RNA were leaded per lane.




     Fig 2. RNA extracted from HepG2 cells

     using 1ml of TOOLSmart RNA Extractor. 

     Sample amount: 1x10^6 HepG2 cells.

     3ul of 30ul eluted RNA were leaded per lane.




    Fig 3. RNA extracted from Oryza sativa

    leaves using 1ml of TOOLSmart RNA 

    Extractor. Sample amount: 100mg.

    3ul of 50ul eluted RNA were loaded per lane.

    miRNA extraction result


   Fig 4. miRNA extracted from U937
    cells (8 x 10^6 cells)
    lane1: 100bp marker
    lane2: other brand
    lane3: TOOLSmart RNA Extractor

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Q1. What is the amount of tissue that can be extracted with 200ml of RNA Extractor?
A: 1ml RNA Extractor can extract 20-50mg tissue.

Q2. Can RNA Extractor extract miRNA?
A: Yes. RNA Extractor can extract total RNA (including miRNA).

Q3. Is there any recommended kit for extracting RNA from fat, muscle, liver ,cells?
A: Toolsmart RNA extractor is the best choice.

Q4. Do you suggest this extractor with only 10^4 cells?
A: Not recommended. But if your number of cells can only be that much, you can try and need to be careful in the wash step to avoid any more RNA loss