Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit

This kit supplies a complete set of lysis reagents that enable the separation of nuclear protein and cytoplasmic fractions from cultured cells and tissue. The optimized reagents and protocol allow non-denatured, active proteins to be purified in less than two hours. It is sufficient for extracting 50-100 protein samples, the quantity for each sample is (5-10) x 108 cells (about 50mg).



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BRARZ106 100 assays $183.33
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  • Obtain purified protein in 90 minutes.
  • No ultracentrifugation is required.
  • Cross-contamination of cytosolic proteins into the membrane fractions is about 10%
  • ready-to-use in downstream applications such as NGS, RT-PCR, and qPCR, northern blot, polyA screening, etc
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Q1. Do you need to add protease, phosphatase inhibitor in every reagent?
A: Yes. This is the optimal step.