TOOLS Endotoxin Free Plasmid Mini Kit

The TOOLS Endotoxin Free Plasmid Mini Kit add a columns-free endotoxin removal step into the plasmid purification procedure that is based on the use of alkaline lysis technology, followed by adsorption of DNA onto a silica membrane in the presence of a high level of salt. Plasmid DNA purified with this product is immediately ready for use. Phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation are not required. High quality plasmid DNA is eluted in a small volume of Tris buffer or deionized water. This protocol is designed for purification of up to 30 μg of plasmid DNA (<12 kb) from 3~4 mL of overnight cultures of E. coli in Luria Bertani medium. Plasmid DNA prepared by this kit is suitable for a variety of routine applications, including restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing, library screening, ligation and transformation, in vitro translation, and transfection of robust cells. 


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ST-EF01 300 preps $355.00
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1. High yields of plasmid DNA
2. Cost-effective preparations
3. For optimum lysis and maximum DNA yield.
4. Endotoxin Free, <0.1EU/ug
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