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   A microRNA (abbreviated miRNA) is a small non-coding RNA molecule (containing about 22 nucleotides) found in plants, animals, and some viruses, which functions in transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Encoded by eukaryotic nuclear DNA in plants and animals and by viral DNA in certain viruses whose genome is based on DNA, miRNAs function via base-pairing with complementary sequences within mRNA molecules. As a result, these mRNA strands are silenced because they can no longer be translated into proteins by ribosomes, and such complexes are often actively disassembled by the cell ("target degradation"). The human genome may encode over 1000 miRNAs, which may target about 60% of mammalian genes and are abundant in many human cell types.

   miRNAs are well conserved eukaryotic organisms and are thought to be a vital and evolutionarily ancient component of genetic regulation. While core components of the microRNA pathway are conserved between plants and animals, miRNA repertoires in the two kingdoms appear to have evolved independently with different modes of function. Plant miRNAs usually have perfect or near-perfect pairing with their messenger RNA targets and induce gene repression through degradation of their target transcripts. Plant miRNAs may bind their targets in both coding regions and untranslated regions. In contrast, animal miRNAs are able to recognize their target mRNAs by as little as 6-8 nucleotides (the seed region) at the 5' end of an animal miRNA. Combinatorial regulation is a feature of miRNA regulation. A given miRNA may have multiple different mRNA targets, and a given target might similarly be targeted by multiple miRNAs.


   TOOLS has now provides the second generation of miRNA mimics & inhibitors:

TOOLS miRNA mimics are small, double-stranded RNAs that mimic endogenous miRNAs and enable miRNA functional analysis by up-regulation of miRNA activity. TOOLS miRNA mimics are more specific than their predecessors due to inactivation of the star strand by proprietary chemical modifications.


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