chemically-modified siRNA synthesis-in vitro

siRNA is a double strand RNA that is 20 to 25 nucleotides. After transfection of siRNA into the cell, it will cause knockdown of its specific gene.

Biotools provides customized siRNA design and synthesis. We also provide customized siRNA set, which guarantees at least 70% knockdown efficiency.

● Free siRNA design
● Provides multiple chemically modify to choose
● High stability and long effect
● Guarantee at least 70% knockdown efficiency for sets



Chemically modified siRNA

in vitro stability



Reaction time

shorter, 1 week

Longer, 2 weeks

in vivo activity






All you need to do is to provide the gene sequence or NCBI number, we will design and choose the siRNA that has the best knockdown effect. We also have chemically modified siRNA which has longer effect and better efficiency.

Product specification


Product Price(USD)
chemically modified siRNA 2OD/4OD/10OD 260 / 316.67 / 733.33
Negative control siRNA 1OD 83.33
FAM labeled negative control siRNA 117.24
Positive control siRNA 83.33

siRNA set 

Chemically-modified siRNA set Price(USD)
  3 x 2 OD negative control siRNA
  1 OD negative control siRNA
  1 OD FAM labeled negative control siRNA
  1 OD positive control siRNA

*Guaranteed>70% knock-down in mRNA level


Working day not including delivery time: 2 weeks

1. Please provide the accurate gene ID, species or gene sequence
2. Please confirm if you need chemically modified siRNA
3. Please confirm product specificity (single or set)


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