Peptide Synthesis Service

Amount: 1-1000mg or >1000mg


>Crude(50%) >Desalted(60%) >70% >75% >80% >85% >90% >95% >98%
Simple and complex;
Linear, cyclized;
Long sequence of a polypeptide can be to 140 amino acids;
Modified polypeptide: 1. N-terminal Modification
2. C-terminal Modification
3. Special Amino acid
4. Fluorescence/Dye labeling
5. Cyclic Peptide
6. Quenched Fluorescent Peptide
Modified Polypeptide
N,C-terminal Modification Acetylation (N-Terminal) ,HYNIC (N-Terminal),DTPA (N-Terminal),Formylation (N-Terminal), Fatty acid (N-Terminal),Myristic acid (N-Terminal),Palmytolyl (N-Terminal),Benzyloxycarbonylation(CBZ) , Amidation (C-Terminal),Succinylation (Suc, N-Terminal)
Special Amino acid D-Arg, D-Cys, D-Asp, D-Asn, D-Glu, D-Gln, D-Ser, D-His, D-Thr, D-Trp, D-Leu,D-Ile, D-Met, D-Pro, D-Val , D-Phe, pGlu, Hyp, D-Lys, D-Tyr, D-Orn, Orn, Abu, Aib, (D)1-Nal, (D)2-Pal, (D)4-Cl-Phe, Nva, Nle, Hse, Hcy, Pen, Mpa, N-Methyl amino acid (Ala, Phe, Leu, Ile, Val, Gly, Met),Other amino acid, Dinitrobenzoylation (Lys), Lys(Me2), Phosphorylation (Tyr, Ser, Thr, single site),Tyr(SO3H2), Ser(octanoic acid)
Fluorescence/Dye labeling Biotin (Lys in sequence), Biotin (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx), Biotin (without Lys in sequence), FITC/5-FAM (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx) ,Dansyl (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx), MCA (N-Terminal), p-Nitroanilide(pNA, C-Terminal), AMC (C-Terminal)
Cyclic Peptide Disulfide bridg 1nd ,Disulfide bridge 2nd ,Disulfide bridge 3rd, ,Amide cyclic (Side chain, end)
Quenched Fluorescent Peptide Abz/ Tyr (3-NO2), EDANS/DABCYL
Multiple Antigenic Peptide System Asymmetric 4 branches, Asymmetric 8 branches
Protein Conjugation KLH , BSA
Amino acids table
NAME Abbreviation
Glycine Gly G
Alanine Alanine A
Valine Val V
Leucine Leu L
Isoleucine Ile I
Phenylalanine Phenylalanine F
Tyrosine Tyr Y
Tryptophan Trp W
Histidine His H
Aspartic acid Asp D
Asparagine Asn N
Glutamic acid Glu E
Glutamine Glu Q
Lysine Lys K
Arginine Arg R
Serine Ser S
Threonine Thr T
Methionine Met M
Cysteine Cys C
Proline Pro P


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