shRNA synthesis

shRNA is a plasmid that encodes siRNA sequence once the plasmid is expressed inside the cell. It has longer effect than siRNA. We provide at least 10 different plasmids.

We also provide customized shRNA set, which guarantees at least 70% knockdown efficiency.

● Free shRNA design
● Multiple shRNA vectors for you to choose
● Guarantee at least 70% knockdown efficiency for sets

Biotools provide at least 10 different plasmids for shRNA synthesis. You can choose according to the promoter, antibody resistance, and fluorescence labeling.

Product specification

shRNA synthesis Concentration  
shRNA plasmid  50 ug
shRNA positive plasmid  50 ug
shRNA negative plasmid  50 ug
shRNA set  (Guaranteed>70% knock-down in mRNA level)
     4 x 50 ug target plasmid
     1 x 50 ug positive control shRNA plasmid
     1 x 50 ug negative control shRNA plasmid

*TOOLS RNAi Guarantee supports  > 70% knock-down in mRNA level
**Guarantee is supplied for RNAi set, but not for the single RNAi synthesis
***For synthesis of the single siRNAs, TOOLS provides technicla support and replacement if the product synthesized at the first time does deliver >70 % knock-down in mRNA level of interst gene. But refund is not availble for the single siRNAs.

Working day not including delivery time: 2 weeks

1. Please provide the accurate gene ID, species or gene sequence

2. Please choose shRNA and the vector

3. Please confirm product specificity (single or set; in vitro or in vivo)

pGP-U6 pGP-H1
pGP-U6-Neo pGP-H1-Neo
pGP-U6-GFP-Neo pGP-H1-GFP-Neo
pGP-U6-RFP-Neo pGP-H1-RFP-Neo
pGP-U6-Hygro pGP-H1-Hygro