TOOLS 2xSYBR qPCR Mix Kit is specially designed to perform Real-time PCR in SYBR Green I fluorescent-based detection assays. The Real-Time PCR reaction buffer, a 2× pre-mixed solution included in this kit, provides an optimum concentration of SYBR Green I solution, which greatly facilitates the preparation of qPCR reaction mixture. TOOLS 2xSYBR qPCR Mix adopts a unique dual hot-start enzymes system (chemically modified HotStar Taq DNA polymerase and antibody modified Anti Taq DNA Polyerase), which, plus the pre-optimized buffer solution, provides a convenient format for highly sensitive and specific qPCR amplification.


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  • Unique dual hot-start enzymes system
  • Simple and convenient
  • ROX dye in included seperately

​Efficiency and stability in various sample concentration

Tools 2x SYBR qPCR Mix Efficiency Test

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Q1. Can 2x SYBR be used on machines without ROX dye?
A: Yes.

Q2. Do you need to add ROX dye for ABI ViiA7?
A: Yes.