TOOLSwift PCR Cloning Kit

TOOLSwift PCR cloning kit is designed for fast, and direct cloning of the single or multiple DNA into any vector, regardless of DNA fragment end compatibility. The core component of this kit is 2×TOOLSwift Assembly Mix that fuses DNA insert and linearized vector based on the 15 bp overlap sequence at their ends. The 15 bp overlap sequence can be engineered by designing primers for amplification of desire DNA fragments. During assembly reaction, the DNA insert and linearized vector will be accomplished as a closed loop plasmid by sticky-ends creating, gaps filling, and ends linking at the overlap regions. The product of the assembly reaction can be directly to transform competent cells and then select colonies.

Overview of the assembly method.

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VIT-BB01 20 rxns. $500.00
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  • Multiple cloning: direct cloning of 1~5 DNA fragments into one vector.​
  • Fast: 15min for single or multiplex fragments cloning​
  • Flexible:100-15000bp DNA fragment assembly​
  • Can clone directly into your expression plasmid (no need of TA cloning & sub-cloning)




Data 1: Three PCR fragments prepared for cloning

Fig1. Multiple DNA fragments prepared from one target gene.
1: Fragment 1, 736bp
2: Fragment 2, 755bp
3: Fragment 3, 732bp
※Total size of insert gene 1+2+3=2151 bp

Data 2: Colony PCR results of 3 PCR fragments cloned into TOOLSwift PCR Cloning kit

Fig2. Colony PCR of target gene in p3XFLAG-CMV-7.1
※Total size of insert 1+2+3=2151 bp