Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase (M-MLV RTase) is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase that can be used in synthesizes a cDNA strand from single-stranded RNA, DNA, or an RNA/DNA hybrid. The M-MLV RTase has a lower RNase H activity can enhance cDNA products.
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  • Strong amplification activity: Low RNase H activity to avoid degradation of RNA Templates and enhances the binding capacity of the enzyme resulting increased amplification speed and yields high quality cDNA.
  • Thermal stable at 50-60°C and Wider temperature range at 37-60°C.
Comparison of M-MLV RTase Effiicency
Figure A. The efficiency of each RTase is checked by PCR amplifications by using specific primers targeting the start and end terminus of cDNA of SDHA mRNA in length 1995 bps, and Prdm mRNA in length 3825 bps. The electrophoresis result in Figure shows no difference between the amounts of of the 250 bp amplifications from the 5'and 3'ends of the SDHA  cDNA synthesized reapectively with TOOLS M-MLV and Competitor I. Figure B shows similar result on Prdm cDNA (3826 bps)  These result shows TOOLS M-MLV performs excellently and efficiently in the synthesis of long sequences.
The PCR products were checked by running electrophoresis with 5 μL of samples per well (100V, 1% TAE agarose gel prepared with TOOLS DNA View (TT-DNA01, BIOTOOLS)) in 1X TAE buffer (TOOLS 50X TAE buffer (TT-50TA, BIOTOOLS)) for 30 minutes. DNA size was referenced with TOOLS 1kb Ladder (TMG1kb, BIOTOOLS).

Tabie B. The efficiency of each RTase is further checked by qPCR. The Cq value showns cDNA from TOOLS M-MLV RTase and RTase of Competiter I equally performs well in qPCR and TOOLS M-MLV also has performs excellently and efficiently performance in the cDNA synthesis of long sequence.

    Table B.
     (P-3, P-5 are the specific primers of PRD1 gene, S-3, S-5 are the specific primers of SDHA gene)