Proteomics service



Proteomics is one of the most important field in post-genomic era of life science. Followed by achievement of Human Genome Project and advancement of next-generation sequencing, massive sequence information was available for study of MS-based proteomics. Based on shotgun proteomics, thousands of proteins could be identified and relatively quantified to understand the changes of protein level among different physiological conditions. Moreover, proteomics approach represents the only one feasible method to systemically analyze the post -translational modifications (PTM) of proteins, which play a critical role in modulating diverse cellular functions. The quantitative proteomics and PTM identification would not only be crucial for deep insight of cellular biology but also necessary for the development of protein drug.



Our advantages


The members of OmicsLab came from one of the pioneers in proteomics research in Taiwan. We have took advantage of mass spectrometry for proteomics study over a decade, and have experiences in processing various types of bio-specimens, including cultured cells, tissues and body fluids.

Our unique online-2D-HPLC system enable us to provide efficient MS analysis of very few amount of sample with unman loss. 

Using high-end mass spectrometer (Thermo orbit rap Elite MS), we provide MS spectrum with high resolution and high mass accuracy to maximize the successful rate of your experiments.

We provide consultations for your project and customized services to fit your needs.